COVID-19 Protocols

We encourage all who can, to get your Covid-19 Vaccination.


Sanctuary, Annex, Fellowship Hall


What we need you to do to protect each other?


  • Masks or Face Shields MUST Be Worn by All. There is no acceptable exception to this policy!

  • Temperature checks will be conducted and recorded at every open entry point.

  • Hand Sanitizing is required. No-touch units and/or liquid sanitizer is in place at every open entry point.

What the Church has done to protect you?


  • Social Distancing Signage are Placed Throughout the Sanctuary

  • Family Pews are Designated for Families Who Wish to Worship Together

  • Pew Seating Capacity is Limited - Observing CDC Recommendations

  • Directional Arrow Signs on Aisle Floors  

  • 6ft Distance Signs on Aisle Floors

  • Every other Pew is Closed Off



  • Air Scrubber - We have equipped all buildings with an Air Purification System that operates continuously.


  • ULV Fogger - Is used immediately following ALL gathering.  Generates a fog that targets airborne pathogen and on flat surfaces.